Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New Photo Site

For the past seven years I have used Smugmug to host my nature photography.  Smugmug is a great platform for the world to see your photos.  The freedom the website allows their subscribers is wonderful and their tech support is excellent. Over the past year I became very disillusioned with my Smugmug site mainly due to the amount and quality of the photos that I had posted.  I would become lost and frustrated on my own site.  So, over the past couple weeks I have created a new site that is hosted by Picasa.  I have cut the amount of posted photos by half and I feel the site has a very clean and organized look.  To view my photos go to

I hope that everyone that goes to my site will enjoy the photographs as much as I do.  Below I am going to post my favorite photo from each of my galleries on my Picasa photo website.

Gray-hooded Gull - Paracas, Peru.  From my Birds Gallery.

Big Horn Sheep - Guanella Pass, Colorado. From my Mammals Gallery.

Black Racer - Caroline County, MD. From my Reptiles Gallery.

Northern Cricket Frog - Caroline County, MD. From my Amphibians Gallery.

Viceroy caterpillar - Hart Miller Island, MD. From my Butterflies (minus skippers) Gallery.

Silver-spotted Skippers - Tuckahoe SP, MD. From my Skippers Gallery.

Himmelman's Plume Moth - 1000 Acre Heath, ME. From my Moths Gallery.

Gallinipper Mosquito - Talbot County, MD. From my Insects Gallery.

Blue-faced Meadowhawks - Caroline County, MD. From my Dragonflies Gallery.

Painted Damsel - Parker Creek, AZ. From my Damselflies Gallery.

Late Lowbush Blueberry - Garrett County, MD. From my Trees and Shrubs Gallery.

American Climbing Fern - Anne Arundel County, MD. From My Ferns and Fern Allies Gallery.

Seaside Amaranth - Worcester County, MD. From my Flowering Plants Gallery.

Large Twayblade - Garrett County, MD. From my Orchids Gallery.

Northern Pitcher Plants, Wicomico County, MD. From my Carnivorous Plants Gallery.

Sunset - Flamingo, FL. From my Landscapes Gallery

And finally because they are both new daddies.  From my soon to be made People Gallery, Bill and Hans from 2007 at Monteverde, Costa Rica.

Once again, my new photo site can be viewed at

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