Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mid Atlantic Nature Goes International!

On Monday Mid Atlantic Nature had two milestones.  The blog received its 4000th hit and recorded its 50th different country visitation.  To celebrate I am going to post a bunch of photos of wildlife from said country.  From looking at the photos see if you can guess what country was Mid Atlantic Nature's 50th country hit.

Photo: Mediterranean Mon Seal, Eltpics'

Photo: Smew, Tee Time Tony

Photo: Pied Avocets, Davis Kwan

Photo: Green Woodpecker, Lutz-R. Frank

Photo: Ural Owl, Sergey Yeliseev

Photo: Hoopoe, S. Fitzgerald

Photo: Bearded Tit, Tony Sutton

Photo: Fire Salamander, Only Point Five

Photo: Fire-bellied Toad, Roberto Verzo

Photo: Green Lizard, Frederic Saunier

Photo: Purple-edged Copper, Frank Vassen

Photo: Alcon Blue, A. Sancheza

Photo: Southern Festoon, Thijs Calu

Photo: Bumblebee Orchid, Sonnentau

Photo: Orphys lutea, Copepodo

Photo: Lizard Orchid, Natural England

Photo: Landscape, B. Monginoux

Photo: Landscape, Roman Avdagic

Photo: Landscape, Happy Fellus

Did you figure out what country it is?

I would like to thank all the photographers for helping me make this post.  All photos were gleaned from Flickr Creative Commons.


  1. Congratulations on getting visits from 50 countries! Is this Albania?

  2. Thanks, guys for reading my blog. You've got the closest guess yet, but unfortunately Albania isn't right. Guess again :)

  3. Unfortunately, Albania was a much closer guess. The answer is Croatia.